Children engage in a variety of play-to-learn experiences specifically designed with each developmental stage in mind. Activities and lessons include language arts, number recognition and counting, science, social studies, religion, music and movement, fine and large motor skills development, manipulatives, arts and more.

888 Griffiths Way,
Mainland ML12345

888 Griffiths Way,
Mainland ML12345

A little more about our preschool day...

Warm and welcoming with plenty of laughter.  Each day, it's our privilege to greet each student as they start their new day. Daily schedules provide them with a sense of stability and help to build the self-confidence they're developing early on in life. We provide a stable framework, while leaving plenty of room for natural play and ample time for students to explore and discover at his or her own pace.


Trinity Lutheran Church


2315 N. Parham Road

Henrico, VA 23229


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Developmental Objectives

TLC curriculum and programs are developmentally appropriate for children at each age level, and appropriate for the emotional, physical, intellectual, social and spiritual maturity of each child.  Each class has goals to guide classroom activities and to provide a base for teaching methodologies, while following the Commonwealth of Virginia, Early Learning Content Standards.  

Objectives are identified in six developmental areas at TLC:

  1. Spiritual Development
  2. Social and Emotional Skills
  3. Language and Communication Skills
  4. Cognitive Skills (learning, thinking, problem solving)
  5. Fine Motor Skills
  6. Gross Motor Skills 


Above all, our goal is to work with each TLC student individually, as we always want to encourage each child to develop his/her skills, gifts and interests at his/her own pace.  

Preschool at TLC