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888 Griffiths Way,
Mainland ML12345

888 Griffiths Way,
Mainland ML12345

Enrolling Your Child 

Although your child’s education started long before

his or her preschool years, we're here to help build upon that foundation by nurturing and guiding our little students during these important developmental years.

Through our close family-like community, we welcome each new child to TLC with open arms and loving hearts. We always look forward to expanding our preschool family with new children in our preschool. 


Enrollment for the 2021-2022 School Year is currently open to the public! We are accepting enrollment on a rolling basis. Please contact the office for availability as we have started waitlists in some of our classes. 


The following documents also need to be completed:

* Your Child's Birth Certificate

* Completed School Health Form

* Non-refundable Registration Fee - $100.00 


Enrollment for the 2022/2023 School Year will open in January 2022. Please click the "Join our Email List" to receive an email notification as it approaches.